Snow & Ice ManagementSnow & Ice Management

Winter is the season that some of us look forward to. The holidays are getting closer, the temperature is getting colder, and a snowy landscape always paints a nice picture. The fall season has passed. We have started thinking about Christmas and New Years. We get caught up in doing things like shopping, planning of parties, and traveling to see relatives.

Then one morning you wake up to snow or ice. If you have not planned for snow and ice management, the hardest time to get a company lined out to provide service, is when the weatherman is calling for an event, or it has already occurred.

Late summer to early fall is the best time to start thinking of your snow and ice management needs. It is always best for the customer and the company providing the services, to talk about customer needs and expectations before any events are expected.

Here are a few questions that we ask our customers. Is there a certain time you need it cleared by? A certain area you want the snow pushed to? Does your property need markers put in place to avoid damage to your property? Does your property have gravel? Are there certain areas that drift? Do you need ice management services also? These are some of the things to consider when planning your snow and ice management needs.

We offer snow and ice management for both commercial and residential properties. We work with you to accommodate your needs and meet your expectations.

We are based out of Kearney, Mo. We service the same community where we live and operate our business. This is a benefit for both the customer and us. We are able to get to our customers faster, and we get to work for and know the people in the community.

If you have thought about using a company for your snow and ice management needs, consider contacting us for an estimate. We only take on as many customers as we can handle. We never sacrifice quality for quantity.